Friday, 14 June 2013


Many things can be done in autopilot.  For instance, you don't really have to think about sorting washing.  Before you know it, you've done it.  Perhaps because this is one of the most mundane parts of your day.  Or perhaps because you've just done it so many times.  My brain makes tea.  Without thinking, the first thing I do when I wake is fill the kettle.

And, I'll have you know, that the first cup hardly ever counts.  It's the cup you have while you wake up.  You are in autopilot, getting ready, feeding people.  The first real cup happens when everyone has left the house.  And you can really sit down and enjoy it.  Tea is the thing that gets you through the day.    Happy? Tea.  Sad? A soothing cup of tea.  In fact, my dad recommends tea for most states of mind.  Unless its after the work day - when, obviously, a glass of wine is in order.

That being said, I'm not denying coffee its rightful place in the world.  I'll be the first to admit that I can spend hours waiting if I have a good cuppa.  But there is something like home about tea.

Tea is the thing that puts you to bed at night.  And, considering the beauty of it, I will also admit that I hardly ever use beautiful dainty cups to drink my tea out of.  They are simply too small.

Think of all the pots of tea you've had with friends.  How it kept you talking for hours.

Tea, glorious tea.


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