Friday, 7 June 2013

Force feed.

I am the kind of friend that can be compared to a mother bird.  There.  I said it.

I demand a lot of time.  I don't mind if you are in your pajamas, doing a grocery run or redoing a child's room.  I will happily pick up a paintbrush.  I don't always have a sense or appreciation for the time of day. There is a good chance that I will wake up and think - I should have coffee with a friend.  And I will send messages to invite said friends.  At 7am.

Sometimes I get the idea that I am force-feeding the friendship.  I have no issues with asking if I am getting in the way.  I expect my friends to be honest enough to tell me to back-off.

I suppose little birds do get sick when they get fed too many proverbial worms.  But isn't that what friends are for?  To clean up when our friends aren't well?

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