Monday, 3 June 2013


I don't know about you, but I tend to find myself in dark clouds.  Ones where I weigh up what my life is about and the things I've done.  Ones where I compare myself to the Sex and the City girls and find myself far less fabulous than I had wished.

To banish these dark clouds, one literally needs to "get your head out of the gutter".

Easier said than done.  I did, however read a friends blog, and found the message (or kick in the head - the same one that loves to wonder gutters) to be so inspiring.  Her post described a feeling or past time that I often indulge in.  It's the one where you make little lists of the things you just don't like about yourself.  And the effect those feelings have on others.

Then I realised something.  Sometimes it's ok to make those lists.  It's even ok to read them out loud.

As long as you remember to tear them up.  And remember to "gain the confidence to be the star in your own life".


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  1. Me, my soul and my heart nods in agreement! All my most happy thoughts I send to you Helena! xoxo