Friday, 3 May 2013


Earlier today, the king of the jungle and I decided it would be nice to go and play in the garden downstairs.  Now, king Pikpik is no lion.  He is a small furry, loving bunny.  I picked him and my phone up and we headed outside.  Initially he just sat with me and pretended to be afraid of the new surroundings.  What a great actor.  We regularly came to play, so I nudged him to get on with it.   I had plans.  And, only a sample of a new book on my kindle app.  45 minutes later, having finished said sample, I decided it was time to go back upstairs.  For a little while I enjoyed chasing the king around.  He obviously loved it.  

An hour later, having used carrots and apples as lures, he was still running away from me.  I started to panic.  What if I couldn't catch him and he became a wild bun?  My heart couldn't bear the thought.  I prayed.  I pleaded.  Finally I decided to lie down next to him.  I spoke quietly, offering blades of grass.  And after half an hour of lying in the sand and grass, he just let me pick him up.  

The wonderful thing is that my sweet bunny could feel my panic.  And it drove him away.  When I finally gave up and spent some time face to face with him, he relaxed and let me take him home. 

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  1. Lovely post lady H! Wish there was a "Super "Like" button for me :-) Feels like I am right there with you even though you are miles away... x