Wednesday, 29 May 2013


There is something so special that exists between a mother and a daughter.  It's a bond that allows 2 hearts to speak to each other without words.  It is something magical.

A mother holds our hands and our hearts.

Often, my mother and I send each other the same message at the same time.  Some people will say "great minds", but I think that maybe it's more a case of same minds.  Now that I am expecting a daughter of my own, I can only pray that we will have the same kind of bond.  Secretly I wished that I would have a girl.  As there are so many relationships with so many wonderful women in my life that I would like to carry on with her.  To teach her how to set a table.  How to keep her heart safe.  How to skip, to dance.

I can only pray that the strength and wisdom that I've learnt from my mom will channel through me.  Quirks and all.

Mother, daughter and some wisdom from here.


  1. :-) Love, love, love you and Lily !!

  2. So beautiful x Miss you and little Mac'Dee already! Liefs!