Tuesday, 21 May 2013


It is possible.  You can benefit from meeting a friend even if it's the very last thing on earth you feel like doing.  Its possible that the little pep talk you have been needing to hear all day - that little judgement free pick-me-up - will only be found in that specific source.  That your one fix for the day will go unused if you cancel.  Especially if you cancel at the last minute.

I felt like cancelling today.  Sleep was mere seconds away when my phone rang.  First I felt annoyed.  Then I answered.  The invitation was for coffee.  Nothing difficult or stressful or even remotely in need of too much brainpower.  But the land of sleep seemed far more appealing.

I had to drag myself with most of my will.  Needless to say that when I arrived, my mood was far less than sparkling.  But I went anyway.  Because a friend, a real one,  knows the ins and outs of who you are and how you feel and generally doesn't really mind if you are a bit off.

And, after the first 5 minutes and half a chai latte the pep-talk was given (never in a way that feels like a pep talk) and I started to feel more and more polished.  It is possible that  friends are the most wonderful things ever.  And that they fulfil a specific need.  The need to have ourselves polished and appreciated.  And fixed.

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