Thursday, 1 August 2013

Paper hats

Am I the only person who can hear the wrapping paper?   I can almost smell the gravy, being built out of 4 hours of juice delivering cooking time.  In fact, I think I will dig out my paper crown, just to make sure that it still fits.  

Christmas could be my favourite time of the year.  I harbour no fear for the festive season weight gain.  I welcome it.  No, I do not want to be fat.  But I feel that, in this special time with family and friends, you get to stock up on all the good feelings you will need to get you through the new year.

Here we are.  August.  So close and you think people would think I was strange if I started to assemble my Christmas tree.  I suppose so.  Maybe I will just fetch it from storage.  And dust it off.  

I long to feel that magical feeling.  24 hours a day.  Its too late for Christmas in July.  But I suppose it's never to early to start making a list........

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  1. Wonderlik!!! I love sharing this enthusiasm for Christmas with you! Yay x