Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Being a lady of leisure affords me plenty of time for things that others may not see as such a treat.  Like spending hours looking for pretty things to fill my house up with.  This morning, on my usual hunt, I came across this darling milk jug.  Milk jugs have been a favourite of mine for a while now.  It may not make sense to anybody, but that's ok.  This little jug is from kamers vol geskenke.   The red heart automatically gives it extra points.  But, what really got to me was the message on it.  "My head says, Who Cares?  But then my heart whispers, you do, stupid".  How wonderfully true of everyday life.  How often do we try to convince ourselves that things don't matter.  That we can shrug bad experiences off like they never happened.  Who cares?  The unavoidable truth is that we do.  Because we have the one thing that makes each of us who we are.  Heart.


  1. Beautiful and so so true! I would print that phrase on almost everything I own. x

  2. What wonderful words - they spoke to my heart!