Friday, 18 October 2013


I don't know about you, but I have one of those hearts.  They are not super reliable in public places, in the sense that they can easily run over.  If your heart feels too much, you may fit into the squishy category.  It's the kind of heart that makes you hold on for too long, it makes you literally want to squish someone or something that you love.  Because the love itself becomes too overwhelming.

How wonderful (and painful) to be able to feel all these things.

More often then not, these emotions can arise when you are greeted with unexpected loyalty or companionship.  Also known as nearness.  This morning, as I was having my tea and trawling through blogs, my pet bunny came to keep me company.  Didn't do or demand anything, he was just there.  Oh, my melting, overflowing, unreliable heart.  That the love of a little critter can start my day off so beautifully.

Anyway, I realise that it sounds like I got into the punch a little early for a Friday.  This will follow later.  But I hope someone else out there has the same kind of start to their weekend.  A weekend of nearness and overflowing hearts.  What more (except some punch) can we possibly ask for?

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