Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Now, let me begin by stating that I am by no means psychic.

I am, however famous for buying clothes and wearing them straight out the shop.  I am impulsive and cannot wait for things to happen.  I own my own toolbox.  That way I never have to wait for a man to hang pictures on my walls, change plugs etc.

Bearing my very patient personality in mind (and this lightbulb only came to me retrospectively), I hesitated to start decorating my new babyroom in my new house.  We have lived here 5 days now, and I have not even unpacked any baby stuff.  Please understand that I'd already hung paintings and unpacked everything else in the rest of the house the very same day of moving in.

So, in this retrospective frame of mind, I received a very interesting phone call earlier today.

It seems my landlord has sold the unit we only just moved into.  And, my options are to either move out by the end of the month, or to move in 6 months.  And, not wanting to move with a newborn, I suspect I better get packing.  Thank goodness there is one room I didn't unpack.  Funny thing these feelings.  Best we trust them more often...........

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